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Public speaking is a non-negotiable skill in today’s business world. But it’s also one of the most dreaded forms of communication and the most common of all phobias. Fortunately, The Pitch Doctor has the cure

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Paul Boross, known worldwide as ‘The Pitch Doctor’, has developed the public-speaking and business-development skills of clients including Virgin, Google, ARM, Vodafone, Nissan, Peter Jones Academy, JP Morgan, MTV, UKTV, the BBC, ITN, NatWest, the NHS, Natixis and Nestlé.

Corporate training clients from all over the world have sought Paul’s highly effective and specialised skills to help develop managers, business leaders, executives, CEOs and professional influencers at all levels with a range of perfectly tailored public-speaking courses.

Presentation and public-speaking skills are probably the most valuable skills in any business. The ability to express your unique ideas and differentiate your business from your competitors is key to your success. Your ability to communicate that unique value to your audience cannot, therefore, be underestimated.

Based in London, Paul’s well-known and internationally recognised book ‘The Pitching Bible’ captures his decades of experience in pitching and public speaking and marks him out as a public-speaking coach, communication coach and corporate presentation skills trainer who really helps you to get your message across.

Paul works with executives all over the world to develop powerful presentation skills through expertly crafted and delivered training. Presentation training takes place at your premises or at any venue of your choice, where your presentation teams can spread their wings and develop dramatically powerful new skills.

John Gough, head of programme for the Entertainment Master Class, says: “Paul’s contribution to the EMC’s modules was rated very highly by the international participants. He was variously described in their official appraisals as ‘an excellent trainer’, ‘a great lecturer’ and ‘brilliant’.”

John Gough: “Paul was variously described as ‘an excellent trainer’, ‘a great lecturer’ and ‘brilliant’”

Paul’s ‘Seven Secrets of a Successful Pitch’ underpin his work. His books, ‘The Pitching Bible’ and ‘The Pocket Pitching Bible’, both of which are available through any good book store, can be found on the bookshelves of many successful sales teams.

Paul’s presentation-skills training focuses on your message and removes the noise and clutter that gets in the way of the connection you make. He gives you precise and ruthless feedback to ensure your customer-facing teams are in the best possible place.

And through his ‘Perfect Pitch’ training and pitch-tuning services, he gives you the best possible chance of creating the right impression, being in control of the process and feeling cool, calm and confident in front of any audience.

Paul gives you the best possible chance of creating the right impression, and feeling cool, calm and confident in front of any audience

Discover the training skills that Paul has adapted successfully to the lockdown, using humour as the glue that holds each and all of us together at this critical time. Connect with Paul today.

“Several of the global board worked with Paul Boross on the lead up to APM last year and significantly gained from the experience...

Warren East CBE

CEO, Rolls-Royce Holdings (former CEO of ARM Holdings

As Richard Branson says about Paul:

“Funny = money and Paul is the king of keynotes.”

Richard Branson


Paul is a truly remarkable speaker, trainer and person. He has the rare ability to connect with everyone in the room very quickly in a genuine way. I'm a big fan of his work!”

Maximilian Bolenius

Senior Vice President German speaking Europe & Israel, FremantleMedia

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