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Business starts with a pitch — and can easily end there. If you’re struggling to win contracts and commissions, call for The Pitch Doctor and join the roster of corporates who have discovered that his prescription works

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Paul Boross is deservedly known worldwide as ‘The Pitch Doctor’. Over the past 25 years, he has helped develop the business communication skills of clients of the calibre of Virgin, Google, Nissan, JP Morgan, MTV, Nestle, the BBC, Disney, NatWest, the NHS, Natixis McCann and ARM.

As a corporate communication-skills and presentation-skills trainer, Paul’s level of experience is second to none. He uses his breadth of experience and depth of personal-development training to bring new insights and new levels of performance to any executive or sales team.

Paul’s well-known and internationally recognised book ‘The Pitching Bible’ captures his decades of experience in pitching and public speaking and marks him out as a business coach, communication coach and corporate trainer who really helps you to get your message across.

Les Hughes, COO at STEEL, says: “I knew our commercial team needed help and we’d tried all the obvious things. So we called in Paul — and we estimate that we’ve had a 75% increase in our pitch rate as a result.”

Les Hughes: “We called in Paul — and we estimate we’ve had a 75% increase in our pitch rate as a result”

Paul’s ‘Seven Secrets of a Successful Pitch’ underpin his work. He has also distilled his experience into his books ‘The Pitching Bible’ and ‘The Pocket Pitching Bible’, both of which are available through any good book store, and can be found on the bookshelves of many successful sales teams.

Paul’s pitch training focuses on your message and removing the noise and clutter that gets in the way of the connection you make with your audience. He gives you precise and ruthless feedback to get your pitching team into the best possible place. And through his ‘Perfect Pitch’ training and his pitch-tuning services, he gives you the best possible chance of winning your next pitch.

Paul’s years of experience performing improvisational stand-up at London’s prestigious Comedy Store, his skills as a motivational comic and his reputation for making corporate audiences laugh while they learn make him a perfect leadership trainer and pitching coach. Time Out magazine even described Paul’s work as “jaw-droppingly simple but fabulously effective”.

Time Out: “Jaw-droppingly simple but fabulously effective”

Whether you’re searching for an entertaining leadership-development trainer or someone who can deliver a serious message to your business audience with real impact, Paul knows how to create and lead engaging, captivating and inspiring pitching masterclass sessions that are uniquely tailored to you.


Discover the training skills that Paul has adapted successfully to the lockdown, using humour as the glue that holds each and all of us together at this critical time. Connect with Paul today.

“Several of the global board worked with Paul Boross on the lead up to APM last year and significantly gained from the experience...

Warren East CBE

CEO, Rolls-Royce Holdings (former CEO of ARM Holdings

As Richard Branson says about Paul:

“Funny = money and Paul is the king of keynotes.”

Richard Branson


Paul is a truly remarkable speaker, trainer and person. He has the rare ability to connect with everyone in the room very quickly in a genuine way. I'm a big fan of his work!”

Maximilian Bolenius

Senior Vice President German speaking Europe & Israel, FremantleMedia

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