Motivational speaker - Paul Boross

You don’t succeed in the cutthroat worlds of music, TV and stand-up without drive, ambition and focus. No wonder people listen when Paul Boross talks about motivation

“From funny to fantastic”

Motivational speaker

Paul Boross is recognised by audiences all over the world as one of the best motivational speakers for audiences large and small. His 25 years of experience in the entertainment and media industries give him a unique, inspiring and exciting take on success and what it takes to achieve it. Paul has had worldwide hits in the music charts, and has endured and overcome the challenges of working in that industry, making him one of the most famous motivational speakers working today. Paul’s nine years of work on Sky TV’s ‘School of Hard Knocks’ has put him in front of some incredibly challenging people, helping them to turn their lives and their fortunes around, and his experiences and stories will both surprise and entertain you. At the core of Paul’s work is a focus on and dedication to success, and this message makes him one of the best motivational speakers for any audience.

Experiences and stories that will both surprise and entertain you

With stories and messages ranging from funny to fantastic, from inspiring to heart-wrenching, Paul’s work as a professional speaker connects with his experience as a corporate coach and trainer. In short, not only will your audience be hugely entertained, but they will hold on to Paul’s powerful insights and take away valuable learnings.

“From funny to fantastic, from inspiring to heart-wrenching…”

When you need a motivational speaker who will connect instantly with the hearts and minds of your audience, look no further than Paul Boross.
Best International Conference Speaker at The Best You awards

Discover the keynote speaker skills that Paul has adapted successfully to the lockdown, using humour as the glue that holds each and all of us together at this critical time. Connect with Paul today.